Show Description

The Miss Pinkie Show

Additional Options

Live Bunny Show (The toy Bunny is replaced with a real Bunny)

Face Painting 


The Miss Pinkie Show

‚ÄčA Miss Pinkie show is a very silly magic show geared towards young children. The show is age appropriate for 3 years and up.  Miss Pinkie believes she is 2 years old.  She has a baby brother name itchy who likes to take off his diapers along with her   Grandma Stinkalotta Grandpa PU.    She brings many toys with her and all these silly, very funny magical things keep happening. Miss Pinkie loses her favorite toy and needs to find it.  She makes a special yucky Pinkie punch, tries to make her favorite toy appear by using a hanky and a diaper and her lollypops turn into pop up springs.  The whole show is interactive and the birthday child gets to be Miss Pinkie's special assistant throughout the whole show. You have an option of a 1/2 hour or 45 min show. Then Miss Pinkie dazzles you with her  fancy balloon hats, animals and sculptures.